BOREL, a leading energy

At the beginning of the 21st Century, quality, reliability, competitiveness and technical progress are more than ever our company and network key words. Our company believes in the future of the gas powered engines and has invested in a new head office. This new site, which gathers together all the services of the company, will be located near the scientific research centres of Grenoble University.

More than ever, Borel imagines, innovates and develops processes, which will give everybody a leading energy for the future.


Car Department

LPG/NVG: Borel conceives, fits out and distributes materials to equip private and professional cars with gas powered engines. Borel Système Gaz Carburants has been the French market leader in the LPG/NVG industry for the last 20 years.


The European Borel Système Gaz Carburants network relies on local specialised and highly qualified professionals, together with 24-hour technical assistance.
BOREL agents network


The internal training department, registered under the number 823802090 38, allows the network and customers to benefit from optimal use of equipment as well as to gain a unique know-how.

Nautical Department

The nautical department conceives and develops the gas powered engines in water sports. Its partnership with Mercury in speedboat racing is an example of its success.

Industrial Department

Industrials wish to benefit from the proven advantages of the LPG/NGV as well as Borel’s know-how. The global vision and the à la carte service delivery of Borel Système Gaz Carburants allow a noteworthy progress on the market.

After-Sales Services

The After-Sales Service provides a 3-year engine guarantee valid throughout the entire Borel network, as well as reliable performances to ensure vehicles remain available at any time.


Borel Système Gaz Carburants develops, together with the biggest French manufacturers, components that are certified ISO 9001 and authorised by the French Ministry of Transport and by numerous international authorities.

Research and Development

Borel Système Gaz Carburants engineers invest all their energy in researching and improving the gas powered engine technical aspects. They also benefit from a constantly monitoring of the high-tech industry and economy legislations.


BOREL French licensed agents, rely on specialised technicians

BOREL agents network

Total Experts

Borel has always been a leader in the LPG market. They have choosen to invest in LPG development and have been mastering the LPG technical aspects for important car brands, firms and local communities for the last 20 years. The Research & Development department selects the best components, develops a dedicated system for each type of vehicle and submits it to tests performed by the UTAC (National Test Laboratory) to obtain the French Ministry of Transport agreement.
The schedule of the assembly conditions is then distributed to each Borel installer.In this way, Borel installers provide homogenous and standardised conversions throughout France. This procedure ensures that maintenance and follow up occur for each vehicle using the same technique anywhere in the country.

The competence

The Borel LPG System installer has been carefully selected to offer you the competence and service you deserve. Thanks to his know-how, together with a constant training at the Borel LPG System Centre, Borel’s specialised technical team will give you the chance to benefit from its advanced technology.


The Borel LPG system network commits itself to offer you:

  • An optimal LPG set up, adapted to your car
  • A security guarantee in accordance with the Ministry of Transport and Industry’ s regulations
  • An engine guarantee choice between up to 3 years or 100 000 km
  • A 24-hour, 7 days a week free technical assistance for 3 years throughout Europe


  • A specific maintenance programme performed by Borel network
  • A check up of the valves will be done every 15,000 km. Certain type of vehicles might need the seating of valves to be changed in the long or medium term
  • A service and utilisation manual is given upon delivery of the vehicle